The world's first automated and mobile phone controlled Backyard Chicken Coop.  We connect you and your chickens to a healthy, wholesome lifestyle.

Cutting Edge Technology Enables A Natural Wholesome Lifestyle

  • Mobile App Controlled

    • Reliable technology ensures ease and convenience to fit your busy schedule
    • A camera to check on your chickens from anywhere in the world
    • See historical data – temperature, humidity, eggs collected, food replaced, etc
    • Control the coop door remotely from your phone
    • A night vision camera to confirm all of your hens are in their coop even when it’s dark
    • Go on vacation without worrying about you chickens – I wish all our pets were as easy
  • Keeping Your Chickens Healthy

    • My Connected Coop is specifically designed to enable 5 large chickens to live healthy lives in a backyard setting
    • The Coop is raised above ground for both health and convience
    • Automatic watering and a large food container support a healthy environment and low maintenance
    • Receives alerts on your phone when things don’t seem normal in the coop
    • Access best practices for raising health chicken in the mobile app
  • Conscious Practices

    • Our Coops are designed, made and tested in the US.  Materials have been sourced by local communities around the country supporting local businesses
    • Since all our wood is harvested here in the US, no chemicals are need like the ones required when importing from outside the US
    • We actually use our coops in our backyards, they are not just a product we sell

We will send you the most important things to know before buying a backyard chicken coop.

Buying a backyard chicken coop is a big decision.  We will send you what we know.  We learned the hard way….

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The Simple Way to Get Farm Fresh Eggs In Your Own Backyard

Connecting you and your chickens to an easy, wholesome lifestyle

My Story - How My Connected Coop Hatched


I made an omelet this morning with fresh eggs. Not farm-fresh eggs but backyard fresh eggs. My backyard fresh eggs. It’s entirely possible. Here is my story:

My family and I live just outside of Chicago. Three boys and a very energetic 60 pound dog keep us moving at all times. We shopped at the local chain grocer, scouring the organic section for fresh finds. We attempted every year, with limited success, to build a garden. We hit our local farmers markets as often as we could. We tried our best to eat well. Juggling our busy work, school and weekend schedules, we still searched for something more. But, there never seemed to be enough time.

How do we keep our busy and connected lifestyle and also slow down and find a way to live better? Well, an accidental visit to a chicken “farm” pushed this dream into a force of action.

The “farm” was disturbing. I was given a mask and told not to touch anything. I saw chickens. Lots of them. Too many of them, all crammed into this tiny space. I saw eggs. Lots of them. Too many of them, all jumbled together among the feathers, droppings and hay. I thought to myself, “This is what ends up in the grocery store and then, ultimately, on my table?” The thought of feeding the eggs from this farm to my children did not sit well with me.

Egg scrambles, egg sandwiches, omelets, quiches.

Let’s not forget brownies, cookies, bread, pasta… We like eggs!

So I asked myself, “Isn’t there a better way?”

Yes, there was a better way. I decided to raise my own chickens, in my own backyard. My family was excited. Baby chicks! Watching them grow! Each chicken had a name. Each chicken had a personality. The kids learned how to care, water and feed them. The energy in my house was palpable as we waited for that first egg.

This dream ended quickly in a nightmare. After laying their first egg, predators attacked our chickens in the dead of night. My family was devastated.

So, I gave up. We went back to the store and bought a dozen cartoned eggs. We moved forward with our busy lives. My energy once devoted to the care of our chickens refocused to different endeavors. I discovered how much time their upkeep took from my daily life. I felt relieved...or so I thought.

But then, I was hungry again. As I took the eggs out of their styrofoam carton and watched them bubble on the pan, I was hit once again with the sadness from that chicken farm. I dumped the pan into the garbage bin. Then I sat down and, for a long time, I thought about fresh eggs.  There must be an easier way. Could I keep my busy life and still enjoy fresh eggs? Could I share my yard with the birds, keep them safe, enjoy their eggs and keep my energy (gained from all the good eggs I will be eating) focused elsewhere?

The answer was yes. And thus, My Connected Coop was born (or should I say hatched). I laid out the guiding principles for My Connected Coop and spent the next 12 months putting them into action.

  1. Fresh eggs (duh!)
  2. A low maintenance coop (set it up and forget about it)
  3. A safe and healthy environment for the chickens
  4. Housing - a coop that is a focal point, secure but not an eyesore
  5. Security - placing a camera in the coop so I could see what is going on remotely at any time.
  6. Security - an automatic door to the coop, controlled remotely (from my mobile phone or computer) anytime
  7. Coop Health - Temperature - equipment to monitor the temperature and humidity within the coop to support a healthy environment
  8. Coop Health - Clean water - a water system that would clean/flush itself (I learned cleaning the water is very important!)
  9. Coop Health - A food level indicator/alarm - time to fill the feed bucket

Now, five chickens are living the life in suburban Chicago. They need only worry about our curious 60-pound dog with whom they share the backyard. They are never in need of food or water. They are tucked in each night through the push of a button on my mobile phone.

It has not been an easy road connecting urban and farm life to create an environment mixing my passions for technology and a healthier breakfast. However, I challenged my basic instincts to find a solution that worked for busy families. It took years to get to this point and  now, we are ready to share My Connected Coop with you.


Greg Cullen

You have questions? We have answers!

Is it easy to build?

You betcha! We've got a detailed instruction manual that will guide you step by step as you set up your chicken coop. Did you lose your instructions? Never fear! We keep a PDF file here so you can easily print out another copy or save some trees by pulling it up on your mobile device.


What will I need to build my Connected Coop?

Once your connected coop arrives, all you will need is a hand drill, a tape measure and our instruction manual.

How long will it take to build?

Based on your handiness, we estimate around 1-2 hours to get your coop up on its talons.


When can I buy My Connected Coop?

It's here, friends!  My Connected Coop is available NOW.  Click here for pricing information and to take the step to backyard fresh eggs and mobile-easy peace of mind!  And know that YES, if we are funded, you're backyard coop and amazing connected technology is yours.   We take the risks, we don't leave them on your chicken-loving shoulders.


What if I have more questions

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